About Our Business

Madina Halal Meats is a medium sized butchery based in Melbourne, Australia. We have three retail stores located in Brunswick, Hoppers Crossing, and within Bigfields Fresh Market at Gladstone Park Shopping Centre.

Established in 1991, our Brunswick store has been in business for over 20 years.  Since taking over the butchery in March of 1995, Dannaoui has expanded its operations to specialise in quality meats, poultry and smallgoods. We also supply many businesses and organisations through our wholesale department as well as providing the convenience of home delivery to many customers. 

Our Mission

With a larger than average shop front, Madina Halal Meats incorporates two main meat display cabins, one with beef and lamb, and one for chicken and offal, along with a separate space for grocery and smallgoods.

“We take pride in presentation and quality,” says Dannaoui. Our motto is to sell the best quality halal meat, hygienically prepared and presented, at reasonable prices.”

Dannaoui chose the meat market as a career path after finishing an ITdegree in the mid 1990’s. “I couldn’t find a suitable job, so I started to look out for business opportunities,” he reflects. “I saw great potential in halal meat and grabbed it with both hands.”

Cooking and food are among Dannaoui’s passions, so a food-related business was an easy decision, albeit without long late hours in the restaurant trade, which made the idea of a meat business the perfect avenue.”

In Dannaoui’s case, being a Muslim of Islamic faith, the meat he sold and ate had to be slaughtered in the halal tradition. “As it turned out, halal is one of the fasts growing markets in the world, so I figured I was on a winning formula,” he says.

Hand Slaughtered Chicken

Madina Halal Meats offers a variety of hand slaughtered chicken, using the traditional methods to meet the Islamic Sharia requirements of “Halal”.

For further information on which chicken products are hand slaughtered please have a look though our online products, visit us in store or call us to speak to one of our staff. 

What is Halal

“Halal” is a term that refers to lawful or legal that can relate to any object, or action permissible to use, or engage in according to Islamic law. Among the most common uses of these terms is in reference to meat products, food contact materials, and pharmaceuticals.

For Madina Halal Meats, this means the meat must be halal, whereby the prescribed method of slaughtering animals is swift using a sharp knife to make one deep incision on the throat of the animal cutting the jugular veins and carotid arteries of both sides, while leaving the spinal cord intact.

The objective of this technique is to drain the body of the animal’s blood in the most effective manner that is said to result in more hygienic methods while minimising the pain to the animal. While Islamic law forbids foods such as pork and its associated products, Dannaoui says halal is rapidly becoming more popular as more Muslim, Middle Easterners and Asians engage in halal foods.

“Muslim owned restaurateurs serve halal meats, which in turn gives the broader public the opportunity to taste, eat and promote halal,” he says. “For example, 100 per cent of the kebab shops are halal because most of these owners are of Turkish or Arabic background. “Big restaurant chains like Nando’s are also converting to halal to avoid missing out on this new growth opportunity, while KFC and McDonald’s have already converted some of their stores to halal, with many more to follow.” According to Dannaoui, the meat itself looks the same as non-halal meats. “…it just tastes better because it has less blood. Abattoirs get their meat from farmers and live stock auctions…we prefer organic and hormone free cattle.” Dannaoui states that anyone wanting to set-up a similar business should study the market well and have a good business plan – plus adequate funds. “I took an interest free loan from MCCA, an Australian Islamic bank.

“It’s like any other meat business; you need proper training which requires undertaking a stringent halal program to qualify for certification. “If there is a will – with hard work, there is a way….but you need to work on your business, not just in it.” Having good employees is also important. Madina Halal Meats use conventional recruitment procedures to employ qualified staff. “I also take on apprentices in order to gain their loyalty,” he says. “If you reward the “good” staff, not just financially, but also motivate them, you will retain these staff members and that then becomes the positive word of mouth PR that attracts more loyal, hardworking staff. … Our customer base is pretty much everyone from all over Australia, as well as Middle East, African Indians and Asians,” he says. “We sell everything from beef, lamb, poultry, marinated meats; a wide range of smallgoods and sausages – plus value added meats like burgers, schnitzels and nuggets.”

“The operation also specialises in Lebanese sausage “makanek” and kafta (a Lebanese product, made with mince, parsley, onion and herbs). These two items are becoming very popular because they are tasty, low in fat and gluten free – and they are very versatile,” says Dannaoui. Customers can also purchase continental groceries, spices, bread and eggs.

Besides running a successful meat business, Dannaoui is heavily involved in charity and youth work. He is the director of MyCentre, a youth centre he is building for the disadvantaged youth in and around Broadmeadows.

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