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Sahour Program 2024

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Sahour Program 2024

This Ramadan, Madina Halal Meats are preparing sahour for Laylatul Qadr. We are about to feed 5000 people in need. 

Big thanks to all staff especially in Brunswick store in preparing the foods. Also, we would like to thanks our partners for the tremendous supports.

A1 Bakery

Big Watermelon

Balha’s Pastry

Coburg Market

Biryani House

Grand Restaurant

May Allah reward you all to make this Sahour Program possible.

Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak.


Reasons why you should buy your meats at Madina Halal Meats

Reasons why you should buy your meats at Madina Halal Meats

A 30+ years of operation in the halal meat industry, Madina Halal Meats has been a pioneer and market leader, providing innovative and alternative products to the Australian Market. As the Ied Al-Fitr approaches, our customers are ready to prepare some delicacies for families and celebrate together. Thus Madina Halal Meats is also preparing for the increased demand for halal meats by customers.

There are at least 10 reasons why you should buy your meats at Madina Halal Meats. 

  1. Authentic Halal (from the whole carcass to the smallest ingredient)
  2. Highest level of hygiene
  3. Highest level of customer service
  4. Consistent products and freshness
  5. Accountability and reliability
  6. Own a poultry factory
  7. On-premises smallgood manufacturing
  8. Low-fat and nutritious products
  9. Largest range of halal meats and poultry available in Australia
  10. Continuous sponsor of our community and charitable organisations
Madina Halal Meats Brunswick Store

Madina Halal Meats is now operating in 4 locations. 

📍Sunshine (Open Now)

Marketplace, 80 Harvester Road, Sunshine VIC 3020


(03) 9454 2828



755 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056


(03) 9386 0770


📍Hoppers Crossing 

2/1-3 Alexandra Ave, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029


(03) 9749 4116


📍Gladstone Park Shopping Centre

Inside Bigfields Fresh Market 

Shop 51/8-24 Gladstone St, Gladstone Park VIC 3020


(03) 9338 8621


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